I see you.

I’m an astrologer who’s not overly woo-woo. I’m a Feng Shui expert who eschews all the typical space-enhancing tchotchkes. I’m a crackerjack problem solver who’s intuitive, creative, and pragmatic. The bottom line is: I’ve got tools and skills that enable me to do a pretty great job at seeing YOU.

But even though I’m multi-passionate and have a master’s in Chinese Medicine, I should be clear: Astrology is my first and truest love. Starting back when I was about 11, I was always the one reading people their horoscopes and having fun making them personal.

Then as an adult, when I found Evolutionary Astrology, I realized: it’s the most powerful tool I’ve ever encountered. You get to know yourself in a more authentic and clear way. And I’ve seen changes in people that kind of take my breath away.

I really love solving problems and helping people clear their issues. I mean, really really love. Seeing your joy and relief when you have an “aha moment” is what I live for.

Here’s what else I live for: helping you be happier and healthier, and being who you want to be. And it’s astrology, along with every other wisdom tradition I’ve practiced and studied, that’s allowed me to give you a brand new way to see and understand yourself.

Here’s the thing: I want you to be happier and healthier so you can spread health and happiness to others. This may be everything that matters in our world.

About my readings & coaching

I firmly believe that you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t have a map. So when you hire me for a personal reading, be ready: I go deep. My readings are long and thorough because I want you to really understand the terrain.

But though my readings are potent, it doesn’t mean they’re heavy. My #1 heart rocket fuel is making someone smile while they’re gaining clarity. When we do a reading together, we will have a lot of fun.

If you want to really zero-in on something specific- a project, a struggle, or a particular focus- maybe some coaching is just thing to get you going in the right direction. Get in touch & we can discuss what kind of help you are curious about.

So if you’ve found me here, I know you’re searching for something. A new path. Or a fresh outlook. Or a new direction. And I’d love to help.


My education & training

Before becoming an astrologer, I had over a decade of experience working with patients in my private acupuncture practice, and I’ve done a ton of training in design and various Eastern modalities.

Master Level Astrology Certification, Steven Forrest Apprentice Program

Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yo San University (M.T.O.M., L.Ac.)

Horary Astrology Practitioner Training, School of Traditional Astrology

Institute for Five Element Acupuncture

Wisdom of Your Face (Chinese Face Reading) Practitioner Training

Golden Gate School of Feng Shui and Feng Shui Training Center, Dr. Simona Mainini

Degree in Interior Design, UCLA

Health Coach Training, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Northwestern University, B.A.