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Hi, I’m Aubrey. Welcome to my weekly horoscope journal: The Deep Sky Fishing Weekly!



Let’s cover all the bases, while we’re at it.

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So what’s in the Deep Sky Fishing weekly horoscope journal??

You’ll get: the latest posts, current cosmic conditions to keep in mind, and inspiring, interesting tidbits my radar has picked up throughout the week…


Weekly Astrology

I’m a counseling astrologer, a certified Master Level Evolutionary Astrologer by Steven Forrest, with whom I’ve had the privilege of apprenticing since 2012. Much of what I share here in the journal is astrology-inspired. I’ll give you my insights into human nature, as well as what the current planetary weather might be activating and inspiring in the world, and in you. 



Healthy, Happy Design Tips

A Masters in Chinese medicine and feng shui training galore, plus many years of interior design experience, means that I understand our material world deeply, and how to approach it to max out our individual health and happiness. So I’ll share with you what I’ve learned in both the interior design and feng shui worlds. I also tend to find cool things for the home that I want to show you.



Ask Aubrey Blog

I’m an obsessive problem-solver who’s first take on most “problems” is to see that there  really isn’t one. This is what “Ask Aubrey” is most frequently about- solving problems, one question at a time. So send me your questions!



Unique Hybrid Thinking

I’m an Integrative Coach. This means I have blended all of my experience and skills into a singular toolbox for sorting out people’s difficulties (emotional, psychological, and practical/material.) My coaching work is not only grounded in intelligent astrology, but also something called the Three Principles, the name attributed to mystical knowledge as described by Sydney Banks. I do my exploration and training in the Three Principles with Michael Neill. 


The Result

The Deep Sky Fishing weekly journal covers broad territory: personal and business issues, relationship stuck-ness, parenting struggles, interior design ruts, career direction, and creative blocks. And just plain old fun.

What I hope to share with you is how I view the world. The lenses I look through to understand people and places color my work with compassion and empathy. I fixate on helping people find pathways out of troublesome realities to clearer, more desirable realities. This is my work & this is the stuff of Deep Sky Fishing.

I look forward to Deep Sky Fishing with you!

xo Aubrey


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