Feel the love.

Her guidance and understanding…was incredible.

“I had the pleasure of meeting with Aubrey at a key juncture in my personal and professional life. She was, and has been, an inspiring voice as I move through changes in my career, home and approach my future. Her guidance and understanding of my background and mindset through the stars was incredible to experience. I would highly recommend that any and every-one get her foundational chart reading done, at a minimum. It really exemplifies and amplifies where you’re coming from and where you may be headed. I look forward to future sessions with Aubrey as I turn a few more corners in my journey - Thank you Aubrey!”

—Chris B.



“I was BLOWN AWAY at how accurately Aubrey was able to describe me and some very important themes in my life. And at several points, I was moved to tears by what she said, because it resonated so deeply. While I did not get a predictive reading, I left with a greater sense of clarity and optimism for what lies ahead. If you get the chance to get a reading with Aubrey, I highly recommend it.”

—Navaris Darson



Aubrey Thorne rocks!

“I have had many astrological readings over the past four decades, but my reading with Aubrey has been my favorite.

She is knowledgeable, intuitive, insightful and so easy to understand. The reading itself was abundant with riches about my journey and myself. Her gentle encouragement and guidance was so supportive.

She’s the best and I immediately recommended Aubrey to friends. I will definitely make this an annual gift to myself.”

—Price Marshall, LMFT



One of the most insightful and entertaining readings I’ve ever had.

"I am a fan of astrology and have had many readings and charts done over the years, but Aubrey’s reading was one of the most insightful and entertaining readings I’ve ever had.

She clarified aspects of my chart that I’ve never quite understood, giving me more than a few “AHA” moments along the way. I left our session with more compassion for myself, clarity for what is happening in my life in the present, and guidance for moving forward.”

—Mari W.



No hocus-pocus here.

“After my reading with Aubrey, I finally make sense to myself! Aubrey actually knows what she’s doing.  No hocus-pocus here!”

—Wendi McLendon-Covey



Enormously enlightening!

I wanted more clarity and insight on my intrinsic nature and how I instinctively move through the world. Hearing Aubrey interpret and articulate the cosmic context for what I've been feeling and doing my entire life was enormously enlightening! I gained a better understanding of why I do what I do, why I value what I value and why I bump up against and/or struggle with certain things. She was able to connect everything to the big picture and highlight where to focus going forward. I came away knowing and trusting myself more than ever before which is a huge gift!

—Alex S. • Los Angeles



Aubrey is a treasure.

“I initially came to Aubrey to read my chart. It was then that I realized there is a science to astrology I hadn’t understood before. I was not only given practical information about patterns I needed to release, I was also given tools and a pathway to a deeper understanding of my astrological make up. It was an empowering, validating experience. 

What makes Aubrey stand out is that she truly cares. She is able to really listen to her clients and with me she was able to come up with ideas that honestly hadn’t thought of before. 

It was a natural progression from Aubrey creating and reading my chart to helping my home become a representation of who I want to be. Just as she unlocked blocks in my psyche and emotion- she was able to clear spatial clutter and make my home a place I truly feel not only at ease in- but inspired by. Aubrey is a treasure.

—Ariane P. • Los Angeles



Aubrey has so much magical insight!

“Aubrey not only read my astrology chart, she also did a Feng Shui session in my home. She’s amazing and so naturally intuitive —what a gift!!!

Aubrey has so much magical insight, and the one big change I made in my home, proved to be WELL worth it. Thank you Aubrey for your (what I call) universal power!!

—Laurel C. • Los Angeles



The single most useful reading I’ve ever received.

“Aubrey provides a particularly unique approach to assisting clients in identifying and expressing our truest and highest nature in our homes, our health and our behavior. I initially consulted Aubrey for an astrological reading out of sheer curiosity. What I got was the single most useful reading I’d ever received, and I have been given and pursued astrological readings literally since birth in both western and Jyotish traditions.

More than that, she unlocked both questions and answers to issues with which I’d been wrestling about my life direction after retirement, but had not thought to address during our meeting. Aubrey communicated sometimes-esoteric concepts in a practical, comprehensive and especially clear manner. I was left with helpful insights and an exciting new direction of study. I promptly purchased a reading for my daughter as well. Aubrey’s guidance has not stopped there, however. Based on substantial knowledge in complementary fields, paired with her innate gifts of intuition, Aubrey has also been able to advise me about seemingly mundane—but impactful—elements of design in my home and even about more serious issues related to parenting.

To benefit clients in ways both ordinary and profound, Aubrey can use any of her areas of specialization as doorways into our even more expansive inner worlds. I encourage you to let her in.

—Ariel C. Ford, PsyD • Salt Lake City, UT



My house and I are living happily ever after.

“Aubrey transformed my house and therefore my experience in my house. She was completely quiet and non-critical. I could see her thinking and assessing and measuring. I let her see exactly everything as it was, and my piles did not daunt her.

And then she went to work — gently. How do you feel about that table there? Do you use that door? Honestly, I was so desperate and felt so grateful for her calm and insightful suggestions.

She heard why I resisted something and then I just moved and agreed with EVERYTHING that Aubrey suggested. I know that she brought everything to her ideas — her unique skill set: design, Feng Shui, energies and astrology.

I have never been so happy in my house. Truly nearly every day I think, I am so glad Aubrey come to the house and helped me. My house and I are living happily every after.

—Devon O. • Los Angeles

This will be the best money you've ever spent. Hands down.

I can’t begin to explain how much Aubrey helped transform my home and overall vibe. She truly is the real deal “home whisperer” and I've been singing her praises from the rooftops. 

I knew I couldn't afford an interior designer (nor did I really need it) but we needed expertise on layout and how to shift things around to better fit our current situation.

Aubrey walked through each room and offered new ideas for a more functional layout, which items were outdated eye sores (God bless her sense of humor), and how to mix things up to get the most bang for my buck. Best of all, she had so many helpful tips that didn't require spending money. After our session, she sent a detailed summary with links to affordable options and I've been getting compliments on my home since!

If you're ready for a home refresh and shake up, this will be the best money you've ever spent. Hands down.

Thank you Aubrey, you beautiful genius! 

 -Haely White • Santa Monica