I love to do talks
& workshops.


Here are a few workshops I’ve done in the past. I’d love to come do one of these for your group. Want something else? Get in touch and we’ll work something out!


Conscious Moon Signs

This is a bit of an oxymoron, as the Moon has an affinity for unconscious process. But having a conscious relationship with this powerful part of your emotional and intuitive nature, is a key to unlocking the mystery of You. Working with your unconscious processes consciously is a powerful pathway to finding happiness. The Moon in your birth chart shows you much about how to achieve happiness in this life.

The Lunation Cycle

The Sun and the Moon have eight major phase relationships, each of which indicate a special and specific “reigning need” (as Steven Forrest calls it.) The Progressed Moon and Lunar Phase show us how our nature is evolving as we mature and and pass through key developmental milestones.

Working with Mars

To grow and evolve, we have to want to- we have to try to grow and evolve. Much of this drive, effort and focus comes from our relationship to the planet Mars. Working with Mars involves developing a conscious relationship to personal power. How does the energy of Mars manifest in your life? A look at your birth chart can give you deep clues about how to work with your personal drive and will, as well as help you channel your assertiveness and natural inclination for personal defense consciously.

Neptune, Planet of Sensitivity, Creativity, Sprit, and Delusion

Neptune points to so many qualities: creative ability, psychic sensitivity, and spiritual gifts, to name a few. But Neptune is also connected with confusion, delusion, and escapism… How can we work with Neptune’s fluid and porous nature so we can manifest its gifts in our lives?

The Signs of the Zodiac

A discussion about the signs from an evolutionary, conscious perspective. We will look at how to navigate toward each sign’s “ideal” state, and work with the polarities available to each sign, a spectrum of high and low possibilities of expression. This talk is a fundamental look at Evolutionary Astrology, an astrology that honors free will and choice as one of its core principles.

Saturn Gets a Bad Rap

Dreading your upcoming Saturn Return or Second Saturn Return? If it weren’t for this planet, nothing would get built, or take root in our lives. Saturn is the planet we can thank for both giving our lives structure and strength, as well as slowing us down and giving us patience where we need it. This talk is about understanding the planet that reinforces and manifests our material world and gives us our psychological grit, so that we have the strength and structure needed to mature and evolve honorably.

The Symbolism of the 5th House

The 5th house is associated with creativity, children, and joy. This house can tell you a lot about your creative journey, as well as point you toward those things and people that bring you joy.

Astrology in the Home

For productivity, better sleep, easing conflict, meditation areas—really every part of life at home.