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I do virtual astrological readings and Feng Shui consults for people around the world.
If you’re lucky enough to live in California, you can come to my office in Los Angeles (Studio City)
or make an appointment for a reading when I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Birth Chart Reading

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Your birth chart reading will give you a rich, detailed map of your soul’s lesson plan. And when you understand your soul’s plan from an evolutionary perspective, including those “bad habits” or patterns that may be holding you back from reaching your highest potential, your life can unfold with more vitality, sanity, and harmony.

As we look at your unique birth chart, we focus on any and all areas of your life—life purpose, career, relationships, family, creativity—in the context of your overall soul blueprint. If you have specific questions, bring them! But questions are totally not necessary for an insightful reading.

You’ll leave our session feeling energized, grounded and clear about what to do to next.

1.5 hours (allow 2 hours)



Charting Your Future Reading


After your birth chart reading*, you might have more and bigger questions. Where are the planets now and how are they affecting you?

What’s the current cosmic “weather” you’re living with? How has your birth chart evolved since you were born? How is your chart affecting psychologically and emotionally? What sort of synchronicities might you be looking out for, to help you on your soul’s path?

In this reading, we’ll look at the major Transits, Progressions and Solar Arcs that are affecting you for the next 1-2 years. Then we’ll talk about how to harness these energies to increase your awareness, maximize your growth, and reach your highest potential. This session can be a general overview or you may request to look at a specific concerns.

•An initial birth chart reading is required first.

1.5 hours (allow 2 hours)



Child or Teen Reading

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As a parent, nothing is more important than meeting your child’s emotional and psychological needs and helping them navigate their soul’s path.

With this reading, you’ll gain big insights about your child and understand more about how your relationship can act as a vehicle for growth for both of you. Best of all, you’ll discover a new set of communication skills that will help you talk to your child so they’ll listen (and help you listen so they’ll talk).

If you’re longing to strengthen and smooth out your relationship with your children, this reading is powerful stuff.

1.5 hours (allow 2 hours)



Relationship Reading


In every relationship, there are three entities to understand: you, your partner, and the relationship itself. Each person has needs, of course, but what’s incredible to learn is that every relationship (as a separate entity) has its own evolutionary path, with thematic ways of interacting with and affecting each of the people in the relationship.

In this reading, you’ll come to understand more about yourself, your partner, and the specific energetics of your relationship entity. This reading is a lengthy counseling-style session in which we look at the birth chart of each person in the first hour, and the second hour is spent diving into the relationship chart. It’s a wonderfully deep and healing journey, giving you the insights and tools you need to release old pains and worn-out thoughts and bring new life and vitality into your most important relationship.

2.5 hours

This reading requires both people to be present; exceptions made only in rare instances.



Business or Career Path Reading

business reading image.png

Evolutionary astrology is a particularly powerful tool for career and business decision-making. In this reading, we’ll look at your birth chart, paying specific attention to your career goals. We’ll talk about how you can realize your goals by finding allies that can help you on your path or something fairly tactical, like how to improve your communication style. This is your reading, so we can look at any areas you’re concerned or curious about.

Do you already have a business that you’re getting ready to launch? We can look at the date and time of your launch to see the the “birth conditions” of your new business and discover its evolutionary path so you’ll be better prepared to navigate it.

1.5 hours (allow 2 hours)



Feng Shui & Energetic Design Consult


How your space is designed has a powerful effect on the energy that flows around and through you and your family. Feng Shui is one of the most effective ways to address your physical space, creating a transformation that will revitalize many aspects of your life.

Combined with or independent of astrological work, Feng Shui can deeply enhance the quality of your work or home life, giving you better health, better energy, better thinking, and better relationships.

Fees start at $750.
Get in touch to discuss your project.