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The Secret of Great Mother-Child Relationships

The Secret of Great Mother-Child Relationships

(Hint: it’s not your Sun sign)

May 11, 2019


As a parent, nothing is more important than meeting your child’s emotional and psychological needs and helping them navigate their soul’s path. 

In this workshop, we’ll discuss which parts of both your and your child’s natal charts are the most revealing windows into creating a parenting dynamic that nurtures, validates, and meets your child’s deepest needs. We’ll also find out what your major strengths are as a parent, so you can better nurture from those places.

Looking at Sun signs is central to working with any astrology chart, but the Sun is not the most illuminating piece of the chart for understanding what bonds parent and child. 

If you’re longing to strengthen your relationship with your children, this workshop contains powerful stuff.

Cost: $48

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