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Conscious Sun Signs with Aubrey • Moona Star Collective, Topanga

Conscious Sun Signs with Aubrey
March 10 • 10-11:30am
Moona Star Collective
137 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Topanga, CA

To those who are serious about astrology, Sun signs have become something like junk food: they are kind of irresistible, but there tends to not be much useful substance in them.“Geminis talk a lot. Scorpios are hot. Pisces are creative but flakey...” There is more to astrology than this kind of stereotyping. The twelve-sign astrological zodiac is a much richer, deeper, complex source of knowledge than how it’s been popularly dispersed in many horoscopes. Your soul made a deal with the Universe- come discover what the basic essence of that contract is. When you understand your Sun sign from an evolutionary perspective, your life can unfold with more vitality, sanity and harmony. No special astrological knowledge is necessary for understanding this talk. All you need is to know your birthday.

Cost: $45
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