Coaching is the right fit for you if you want the insight of a deep natal chart reading, and also have something specific you want to transform. The coaching focus could be anything from clearing creative blocks, to wanting less anxiety, to needing help with a business direction, or even wanting a relationship. Those are just some examples of issues coaching is great for, but anything is fair-game for the more in-depth work we do together. (Clarity, direction, and creative struggles seem to be the most common macro-topics.) 

We work together in cycles of three sessions:

  • One initial 1.5-hour natal chart reading/ intake session

  • Two 1-hour sessions

  • This is condensed insight development. We sit together, have some reflective conversations, and you walk away with some transformative ideas that can change your experience in the world. It’s about as simple as “simple” gets.  

$650, one 1.5 hour natal chart reading + two one-hour coaching conversations