Being a part of the animal kingdom, we humans are wired to make a safe and secure-feeling home environment. We still crave our caves, cozy up in our dens, curl up in our corners. Though what really separates us from meerkats, gorillas, and owls is not that we use electricity for light instead of the sun and moon, or mattresses and chairs instead of a pile of dried leaves. What seems to truly make humans unique from the rest of the animal kingdom is that we humans innately love to tell stories. 

We tell them everywhere and all the time. We like to tell stories to everyone and anyone who will listen… We tell stories with our voices, our keyboards and our phones. #storytellers #chronic #cantstopwontstop




Some of my favorite stories are the ones people tell semi-unintentionally: the stories that are told with our homes. 


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What happens when the imagination meets architecture? Sometimes beautiful things happen, sometimes crazy things happen. All stories are not for every person.  


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The story gets told automatically- both consciously and unconsciously. A home is full of characters and evidence of plot lines unraveling over the years. Some homes are theatrical sets, just waiting for the story to unfold each evening. Some homes are quiet retreats, a soft place to process the stories of the day… Interior design aligns your story with your space. Feng shui deals with stories in a similar way to decorating and design, but it does so on a deeper, more diagnostically meticulous level.

Look around you. What's “The Story of You” being told at your home- is it correct? Current? Inspiring? Need editing or rewriting a bit? You can tell your unique story with design, to yourself, and all who encounter it. Your story changes constantly on the inside, and is then reflected on the outside. But changes to the exterior also affect the interior. You can write your story using both perspectives. You're the author. The End.


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