Evolutionary Astrology

I practice a form of counseling astrology called Evolutionary Astrology & am available for astrological readings.

An Evolutionary Astrology reading tells the soul story of what imprint you came into this world with, the psyche story of what tools (talents & gifts) you have to work with, and what your soul might like to accomplish with those talents & gifts.

Good, effective astrology creates more awareness. With more awareness, people become a better version of themselves, as well as MORE of who they are meant to be. The universe is suffused with consciousness, intelligence, and a natural order that is mappable and understandable. My hope is that astrology is returned to its proper, respected place, as one of the best tools we have to understand ourselves, and therefore each other and the world. 

I’ve earned the most advanced astrological certification from Steven Forrest from his Apprenticeship Program: Master Astrologer. I also received a B.A. from Northwestern University and a Master's Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Yo San University.



If you would like to schedule an appointment for a reading, please fill out the contact form & I will respond to you shortly.

Astrological readings generally take 2 hours, are conducted either in person (in Studio City) or via Zoom (online video conferencing.) The fee for a session is $250.

In our first reading appointment, we look at your birth chart, discovering how and why you are "wired" the way you are. There is a point to your unique design. Let's figure out why you are designed the way you are, what your strengths are, and be aware of what your potential innate weaknesses might be. The increased awareness gained from an astrological reading can help you respond more effectively to issues you experience in personal partner relationships, parenting relationships, and work relationships

In subsequent appointments, we can review the current & future astrological influences, to see what kinds of opportunities, hurdles and potential influences might be be coming up, and how you might best respond. During our sessions, specific questions are encouraged, but not required, so that I can give you the most focused reading for what's on your mind.  

Please indicate if you would like a natal chart reading, or if you are a returning client, if you would like a current Transits & Progressions reading- a map of where you are now on your evolutionary journey.  

Feel free to email me specific questions, if you would like more information.

Thanks so much & I look forward to meeting you.