On Having A Power Outage

We’re having a power outage right now in our Los Angeles neighborhood. Which got me thinking.

With no power, I can’t do as much as I normally could- can’t charge my cell phone, can’t let people in through our electronic gate or go anywhere easily, can’t use some appliances, can’t turn on a reading light... so I’ll write, having 43% charge left on my iPad. I’ll do something with the power I do have available, which is something that gives me vitality in return- for me, that’s writing. What I’m aware of is the 43%- the energy use is worth the personal energy gain.

This energy-gifting quality is exactly what your natal Sun sign is about, and why it’s the central symbol of your birth chart- it symbolizes the nature of your identity, what sanity looks like to you, and what gives you your unique inner oomph. Without having the Sun all charged up and fed, you simply don’t have as much vitality or energy to be your best and live your life with zing (that’s the medical term for “a state of innate health & happiness.”)

Just as everything revolves around the Sun in our solar system, the same is true for our birth charts- all of the planets represented in your chart can be interpreted as the key ways of feeding your Sun (sign.) This is why a thoughtfully-written Sun sign horoscope can be meaningful, but doesn’t necessarily always ring “true.” Sun signs are the macro-rhythms we experience throughout our life, but daily or weekly rhythms are micro-rhythms- moods, triggers, and nourishment cycles. It’s only through good, intelligent astrology readings, usually, that it’s possible to discover the real “how/what/why” of energizing your Sun. 

And now that I’ve finished writing this post, funny enough, and I’m not kidding, the power just went back on.


Must have just sufficiently boosted my Sun.

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