How To Not Be An Old Person

3 hot tips for how to be an elder and not an old person:

(Please admire my wording for maximum SEO performance: “How to ______” and “3 Hot Tips For _______.” Someone’s been doing their internet homework…)

  1. Do your work. 

Work hard at whatever you’ve decided to make your Great Work. It doesn’t matter how menial or unimpressive you think your work is- the job you do is benefitting something or someone, so do it with gusto, go for excellence, try for mastery. It doesn’t matter if you achieve what you consider “mastery” or not- it’s the effort that counts. Do your damnedest. Be more than reasonably tired at the end of the day.

2. Be responsible. 

This doesn’t have as much to do with work as it does your “duty.” Take care of what matters- yourself, others, the world. And while you’re taking care, respect boundaries. Learn where yours are, and where others’ are- to tend to our duties, we need to know what they are and where they are. Most importantly, please keep in the forefront of your mind that being “a responsible person” is not at all the same thing as being “a serious bore.” It is ok to have fun while also being responsible. Mind your store but don’t be a buzzkill. Whistle while you work.

3. Be curious. 

This quality is the most critical, elder-ingredient of all. The crone cake won’t rise without it. “Curiosity” is what seems to most obviously separate the Elders from the Oldies. Have a nimble mental picture of the world. Beware of calcified belief systems, unintentional tyranny, and frowning as a response to anything. Realize that experiencing a lack of control can be considered liberating, a rest and recovery from constant responsibility. They still haven’t made an Olympic sport out of worrying or complaining, but you’d never know it from the way it’s practiced. Cultivate wonder, reflection and speculation. Stop knowing everything- that’s delusional. Be flabbergasted and dumbfounded on a daily basis. 

Now go do something spontaneous. 

This message was brought to you by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which we are all currently experiencing.

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