Your Rising Sign: Both A Party & A Party Game


When reading your weekly/monthly/yearly horoscope, should you read your sun or rising sign, or both? I like reading for my rising sign since it corresponds to where my planets are in my houses, but I don’t know if I’m doing it right.

  • B., from Culver City, CA


You’re doing it right. Half-right. But don’t leave the dinner party before the host has had a chance to stand and make a thematic “welcome” toast before dessert. You’re getting the meal, but missing the general theme of the party- you have no clue why you’re there.

You are correct about the Rising sign delineating the houses of your personal horoscope- the sign on the Ascendant determines the structure of the rest of your chart. The Rising sign is also more “personality” based, outer qualities, which are easily expressed. The sign on the Ascendant symbolizes how you are perceived by and interact with others- so your Rising sign horoscope may correspond more directly to current events, what you experience in the day-to-day of life.

The Houses of your birth chart describe in which parts of your life certain planets are going to be the most active. When it comes to horoscopes and predictive work, the Houses are important for understanding what areas of your life are being activated. For example, with today's Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius, what part of your life is receiving this special and probably-very-helpful boost of connection and optimism? Is it your home life? Your public life or career? Is it your relationships? Your health and daily work life? Your confidence and sense of self-worth? These are all detailed descriptions based on how the Houses and signs sync up, based on your unique birth chart.

Since I can’t be happy with just one analogy in a post, here’s another analogy I bet no other astrology writer will ever want to borrow: knowing your Rising sign is like playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey and seeing where the donkey is before you are blindfolded. If you didn’t see the donkey beforehand, you would be standing in the dark with a tail (the planet)- all you know is that you have a tail and it’s going to go somewhere, but you’re not sure where.

But don’t forget the most important thing that you do know: you are dealing with a situation called Pin the Tail On the Donkey- that’s the big theme. That’s based on the Sun sign. Without knowing that you’re playing that game, you have no idea why you’re standing there blindfolded with a paper donkey tail in your hand. I could drag this analogy out in detail and turn this into a truly absurd response, but I’ll spare you.

Just remember that the Sun always signifies the broader, fundamental themes of your life and you can’t leave out these significant themes. Your Sun sign is the foundation of who you are, at an identity and vitality level.  When you read your horoscope, it’s best to read both your Sun and Rising signs- combine them, and you get a good picture of what’s happening right now. The Rising sign may give you more event-based clues and reflect what areas of life are being lit up, but the Sun sign is probably going to describe the effects of those events and how they might feel.

Just for fun, I’ll conclude by combining analogies.

By reading both horoscope signs, you may very well know which direction to walk and where to hold your arm to get that tail right on the donkey wazoo, as well as why you’re at the party playing that game and celebrating in the first place.

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