Top Shelfie


Do you put things on top shelves near a low ceiling I usually don’t, but should I?


Only if you like dusty things you never want to use because they are so…dusty. 

Only if you have things you want to keep but never use.

Only if you have things you don’t like but are not permitted to dispose of.

Only if you want to feel like you’re rolling your eyes every time you look at the shelf wall.

Only if you love standing on ladders.

Only if you like putting your hands into dark, shadowy recesses and petting a silverfish or six.

Only if you have nowhere else to put the cookbooks you will never use.

Only if you live in a space smaller than 800 square feet.

Only if the top shelf is in a closet or garage.

Only if you are hiding holiday presents from tall, snooping toddlers.

Only if you are hiding the Thin Mints from someone in your house that begged you for help with his or her eating habits.

Only if it’s a Christmas elf.

Only if you want to be wondering a year from now what the hell you put up there because now you can’t remember.

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