This Post Is All Peace, Crystals, and Positivity.


What is the way to display things like crystals and such? I like to have things around for positive  energy. Does it matter if people touch them when they come over? 

  • D., from Los Angeles, CA


I’m going to tell you the most exciting thing you’ve heard today- and I didn’t hear it on cable news…Did you know that minerals (crystals are minerals) are classified as “living organisms?” You heard me- LIVING beings. As we’ve all heard, there are two camps for every single scientific concept out there, but it seems to be generally accepted that a "living organism" is anything that eats, grows, and reproduces. Biology 101. A crystal consumes silicon and oxygen, some other things happen, the right conditions continue, and a poof, a million or so years pass, and a crystal grows. Amazing, right?

The reason that I’m beginning my answer with this magical-yet-factual idea is to demonstrate just how active a crystal is. Crystals are objects which are constantly vibrating. There is an aliveness about them. Crystals are such incredibly useful healing tools because they interact with subtle energy, and our bodies respond best to healing methods which work on the subtle energies that flow through us. Think the opposite of "big guns." The big guns of medicine save lives- surgery, powerful pharmaceuticals… but the big guns don’t heal us on a constitutional level. Our bodies cannot sustain big whack-a-mole-style interventions for prolonged periods of time- our bodies can get worn out from strong therapies. So for deep, constitutional healing, we turn to remedies which support our own body’s ability to heal itself, which end up being those modalities that work on a vibrational level. The vibration of crystals is similar to the frequencies of other healing remedies that work on subtle energetic levels: sound/music healing, acupuncture, homeopathy, some chiropractic work, and many forms of bodywork and yoga…the list is long.

When it comes to displaying your crystals, there is no “should”- have them around you where you can enjoy and be with them. If you want to work with their dynamic properties more intentionally, crystal grids are fun to experiment with- there are lots of books that go into great detail about how different crystals interact and “talk” to each other so that specific properties can be magnified or directed for specific purposes. 

From what I understand though, working with and having crystals around is an intuitive endeavor. Humans have always been naturally attracted to rocks, gems, and minerals, and we all pick what the stones we love, what feels right. That’s good enough for me.

The thing about crystals is that because they are active objects, people are naturally attracted to them. So it’s no surprise that people who come over might be drawn to touching them- let them, if it doesn’t feel like a violation. Your crystals won’t mind. They were put here to absorb energy in the environment. Think of them like sheepdogs that have to herd sheep to feel alive and worthwhile, or the queen carpenter ant that has to boss the workers around. Crystals were put on the earth to move and absorb the surrounding environmental energy. So I am all for crystal groping. If there is going to be groping in the world, let it be done on our crystal friends. For signs that your crystals need some TLC, I would almost look for the absence of anyone trying to cop a crystal feel… that could be a sign they have absorbed too much energy and require a spa day. Seriously.

Like anyone who that works hard, gets dirty, and gets exhausted by the intensity of the daily grind, crystals need a periodic bath. If you look at them and they look like they’ve lost that loving feeling, clean them. If someone comes over to visit, but instead of giving you a bottle of wine, they give you a case of the heebie-jeebies, and then proceed to pet your pet rocks, chances are your once-clear crystals are now clouded with heebicus-jeebizome (the scientific name.) Charitably, you’ve now unwittingly helped your unappealing visitor, and the crystals have worked their magic. Bath time.

Mild soap and water, drying in the sunlight, leaving them out overnight under a full moon, putting them in the freezer overnight, burying in the ground for a two-week moon cycle (full moon to new moon)- there’s not just one way to clean minerals. There is a lot of info on the internet about cleansing your stones, or send me an email and I'll send you cleansing instructions.

The thing to know when it comes to these vibrational allies is that they are bona fide kindred spirits that thrive under conditions of simple love and attention. They magnify the care you put into them, and they need attention when they’ve maxed out on what they’ve absorbed. It’s pretty straightforward. If you can take care of plants or pets, crystals are no different. Feed them clean air and water (regular dusting and baths,) and then just let them be. Crystals work like subconscious whispering in a world where people only shout- they are always communicating, even if we aren't quiet enough to hear them. But if we quiet ourselves for a moment, get still and listen, we can detect the crystals’ healing whispers and understand that this is indeed a living kingdom of organisms.


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