Think Like a Store Window (at Bergdorf Goodman.)


How do you decorate for the holidays in an upscale home (with cool modern art) but not have it look cheesy! My girls love those pumpkin pillows from target but they don’t really fit in?


Here are the options as I see them: 


Group everything together. Consolidate and contain all or most of the cheesy holiday decor in one area of your house. Think like a store window (at Bergdorf Goodman.)

Ex: Put all of the Halloween junkiness in one crazy, artful vignette in the entryway, or where you gather for meals. Put a LOT of it together, so it becomes a kind of art installation. The idea is to not sprinkle the awful stuff piecemeal, haphazardly throughout the house. 


Offset the impact of the glittery gaudiness with simple or natural elements, the opposite of a big-box-store pumpkin. 

Ex: for every polyester glitter pumpkin, have two real pumpkins beside it, and a cut-out paper pumpkin. Or a paper maché pumpkin. Balance the cheesy objects with things that are natural or handmade. 


Try to create a “collection” feeling. Again, the more intentional the holiday display feels, the more artful, and the less yuck-yuck things will feel. 

Ex: “pumpkin,” “witches,” or “fall” 


There are two good reasons to just lean into horrible holiday tchotchke. The first reason is a go-with-the-flow mentality. We are entering a THREE MONTH CELEBRATION ONSLAUGHT. Everywhere our eyes land, there will be a light-up cackling plastic bat, a musical foam Menorah hat, or a dancing tinsel Christmas tree. It’s unavoidable. So if you’ve got holiday-happy kids to please, the easier route is to give in FULLY and engage the silly part of you that can enjoy the junk. The other reason acceptance is a great idea is that time is fleeting. One day you might miss having small people with bad taste begging you for tacky holiday gimcracks, so revel in it while you can. Love horrible, gaudy holiday decorations for the childish momentary joy they generate. It’s liberating to get into crappy doodads for brief periods of time. Embrace your inner kid and put the junk everywhere.

In thoughtful clusters.

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Aubrey Thorne