Party Like It's 1959


Is it wrong to have dinner at the coffee table while watching TV? We don’t have a dining area… at all. So aside from eating in the kitchen the coffee table is our only option. 

  • A., from San Francisco, CA



It is wrong. If you are against pleasure. No seriously, can we just admit that if you choose to watch tv,  you are doing it because it’s pleasurable? And if you and your loved one(s) want to watch a little telly, while you mindlessly eat and let down from a long day, then I’m certainly not calling the Quality Time Police to your house for a home visit. 

I do wonder why you don’t have some sort of a dining table or dining area…even a studio apartment can have enough room for even a tiny café table and two chairs. If your only dining table/dining area is in the kitchen, then I completely understand not wanting to stare at the microwave and the dirty dishes while you eat. You could truly enhance the dining-in-kitchen experience by gussying up the table or dining-counter for meals: light a candle, use placemats and cloth napkins...

(Note: I only use cloth napkins because it’s less wasteful and they are simply nicer. There seems to be an reflexive gasp by some people re: the idea of cloth napkins for daily use- I think that’s just a programmed, false idea that “cloth napkins = formal napkins.” I don't understand why this is not more standard. We always do laundry, so why not throw the napkins into the washing machine too? You don’t wear paper underwear, so why use paper napkins? I may now be eligible for an Analogy Award. Who dispenses that honor?)

Also, haven't you heard that restaurants charge a premium to have diners eat privately in the kitchen? Conclusion, canteen dining is: both ritzy and down-to-earth, artsy and fuss-free. There can be a romance about it, if you look at it through some fantasy goggles. Do a little accessorizing, clean the kitchenette, and turn the eating-in-your-kitchen into a desirable fantasy. Eat face-to-face at a table, at least a few days of the week, so you can connect eyeballs and thereby, also your energy fields. A wall can grow between people so easily if they forget to connect eyeballs and just chat for a few minutes a day.

That being said, while cooking, eating together and reconnecting can be one of the healthiest, happiest efforts we make in the maintenance of daily human relationships, sometimes you just gotta zone out and eat some junk food with your eyes. If this is ALL you ever do during meal time, you might consider the long-term mind-melting consequences, as well as the chronic effect this tv-dinner habit might be having on your relationship. And your waistline. I’m pretty sure they’ve done studies that show people eat more when watching a screen- I’m also pretty sure that everyone has done their own personal, experiential studies to prove this for themselves.

But if once in a while you find that indulging in last night’s Game of Thrones or sitting in front of Rachel Maddow, while cramming an Amy’s Organic frozen dinner, is your idea of momentary bliss, then by all means, have a tv dinner, and a…tv dinner. And maybe invest in some folding tv tables too, while you party like it’s 1959.


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