Cat As A Hat


Is it good Feng Shui to sleep with an animal? To be very specific, I have a cat who insists on sleeping on my head...not his whole body, just his head on my head with his arms or legs wrapped around my skull. Is that ok Feng Shui? He seems very happy. Purrs very loudly as he falls asleep. Oh, and he's an inside outside cat, so I don't know if that would matter for good Feng Shui. There is also another one, a cat, who goes under the covers and curls up against my chest. Would it be better for him to be on top of the covers or does it matter? If it is good Feng Shui is it even better when you have two animals? What happens if a human joins the the threesome and spoons all of us? Even better Feng Shui? 

  • P., from Venice, CA


I’m going to answer your six questions by asking you one question: do you sleep well? If the answer is “yes,” then the cat hat you’re wearing and the cat warmer you’ve installed are both good for your bedroom feng shui. If your answer is “no, I feel like my head’s stuck inside a hot animatronic sleep disruptor,” then there’s your feng shui answer. Feng shui on this level mostly happens on the level of common sense.

Before I launch into the very little I know about cats-as-feng shui-solutions-or-not, I feel I owe you a disclaimer: when I started this blog, I never thought I would get so many questions about animals and feng shui. I know a lot about animals, and I know a lot about feng shui, but I’ve never thought at length about these two areas together. As this is my third question regarding “animals in the house,” the topic seems to be a budding niche and inadvertent expertise. Who knew.

One thought I have is that cats are somewhat nocturnal, aren’t they? I don’t have a cat, but I always have thought of them as being very busy at night. If this is the case, make sure they have something quiet to do, are able leave your bedroom, and aren’t disturbing you when they peel off of your head to go out prowling or moon-gazing or whatever it is cats do at night. I’m asleep, and hopefully, you are too, so maybe no one knows.

As for having another human join your co-sleeping arrangement, I’m picturing your bedroom starting to look like a touring production of Hair, both stylistically and literally. It’s a festive social scenario which is an excellent test of your visitor’s character and compatibility. In a mental health context, I think everything you’ve described sounds wonderful. In fact, as I write this, I’m getting a big release of oxytocin just thinking of all of the snuggling going on.

So hey, if you can stand sleeping in a bed with four arms and twelve legs, then good for you. The bed will be full of love and have zero refreshing cool spots. Since we are really into it, I’m happy to tell you this is how I sleep at home- in a bed with four arms, twelve legs, and very few cool spots. We have a king bed to accommodate this many limbs.

I tend to trust ancient practices, and since humans have been sleeping in the company of animals for thousands of years, I say co-sleeping with cats is excellent feng shui if you are getting a good night’s sleep, while also basking in feelings of security, contentment, and relaxation.

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